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An RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Quality Assurance (QA) Tester is responsible for ensuring that the automated bots and processes meet the required standards of quality before they're deployed in a live environment. This involves creating test scenarios, performing tests, and reporting on findings to ensure the bot performs its tasks correctly and reliably.

An RPA QA Tester should have a strong background in software testing, understanding of business process optimization, and knowledge about RPA tools and platforms. Analytical thinking, attention to detail, and effective communication skills are crucial for this role.

Anicalls ensures that bots work as intended by creating and executing test plans, identifying defects, and working with developers to rectify issues.

Roles & responsibilities

Test Strategy Design

Define and implement a testing strategy tailored to RPA, taking into consideration the unique nature of bot-driven automation.

Test Scenario Creation

Develop detailed test scenarios and test cases based on bot design documentation and business process requirements.

Execution of Test Cases

Manually run test cases or utilize automated testing tools to validate bot functionality, reliability, and performance.

Error Detection

Identify, log, and communicate defects and inconsistencies in bot behavior. Collaborate with the development team to ensure they understand and can address the issues.

Regression Testing

Ensure that previously deployed and functioning bots continue to work as expected after system updates, bug fixes, or other changes.

Performance Testing

Validate the performance of RPA bots, especially if they're expected to handle high volumes of data or tasks in a short time frame.

Security Testing

Ensure bots adhere to organizational security standards, particularly when handling sensitive data or accessing secured systems.

Usability Testing

While bots don't have traditional UIs like applications, it's essential to ensure their operation is predictable, reliable, and adheres to the defined process flow.

Continuous Feedback

Provide continuous feedback to the RPA development team to improve bot quality and reduce the number of iterations required for deployment.

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